Jan 2012

“There Goes”

Posted in Lab

Project: Ashen Mix/Blisters
Status: Rough demo

Oh hell yeah – I love this f’ing song. Abandoned the original verse after a few suggestions from my good friend, JW, wrote most of the lyrics while driving a U-Haul from Oregon to L.A., and was inspired to write it while watching skateboarders in Budapest and London. Rich history for a song I believe sums up the direction for Ashen Mix.

2 Responses to ““There Goes””

  1. Troy says:

    Excellent Sound! I like this one. Its almost like Chris Cornell and NIN made a baby!!! :D That’s the only way I can even think to explain it.

  2. Weszt says:

    Troy – glad you like it! This is kind of a flagship song, something that gives a solid idea of the sound I have in mind.

    More soon – if things come together :)

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